Taxi services at Kayseri Airport date back to 1998s.

These people who adopt the principle of honesty and justice, we have started a new way to serve better with our new cooperative and new managers in 2018 with our friends who have been going on since 1998. In 2018, it gathered under the umbrella of a cooperative and laid the foundations of the structure, which will be Kayseri´s biggest taxi stand in the future. With 18 members, S.S. No.1 Kayseri airport was registered under the name of Motor Carriers Cooperative.

Airport Taxi provides digital services with 20 vehicles. There is no doubt that each of us owes one loyalty to those first founders who could not imagine the initial state of our cooperative. The best way to pay this debt is to love this institution, whose foundation is laid with the principles of fairness, honesty and friendship, to protect and avoid any attitudes and behaviors that will cause harm. We should be able to convey brotherly sharing, friendly fusion, and living in peace, as one before and as we have done before, to the next generations. The goal of all members and drivers of the cooperative should be to reach further and more beautiful in VOLUNTEER UNION and FRIENDSHIP.

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