Our quality policy as Airport Taksiciler Kooperatifi; To provide a new dimension to taxi transportation by providing customer satisfaction with safe and high quality service.
Turkey and our goal as a taxi organization of Kayseri, professional mistakes and problems by giving importance to education to minimize and become a professional group that is accepted by everyone.

Our Customers with Quality
» Working environment and conditions and our employees
» To continuously improve our processes in order to meet the needs and expectations of the society with environmental sensitivity and compliance with legal regulations and to add new values ​​to every work we do.
» Fulfills its responsibilities towards the environment and society.»Cares about customer expectations and adopts unconditional satisfaction as a principle.
» Committed to comply with national and international relevant standards.
» Contributing to the country´s economy.»Vehicles over 7 years old will not be operated.
» There will be no penalty in our drivers according to T.C law.
» Tools our Turkey, Kayseri and Cappadocia maps will be available.»Our vehicles will have a telephone and a booklet with important addresses.
» Stickers with Airport Taxi Logo will be affixed on the front doors of our vehicles with web address and telephone information.
» All our drivers will wear fabric pants and shirts.
» All personnel will carry the identification cards issued by the airport to their visuals
» All staff will be shaven.»No distinction between close and long distances will be made and customers will be moved to wherever they want.
» Vehicles will always be clean and well maintained.
» There is a sentry vehicle at the cooperative center with 12-hour shift change.

Drivers and personnel who do not comply with these rules Please call (0352) 3377111 or (0530) 4343034 with plate information.

Kayseri Havaalanı Taksi