Erciyes Dağı-EN

Mount Erciyes, which has become the symbol of the city and always has smoke and snow on top, is 3916 m. height is a giant volcanic mountain. As a result of the lava it has sprayed, the mountain that forms the fairy chimneys has affected the Mezeke right that lived in the foothills of ancient times.Mezekeliler depicts the Erciyes Mountain, which is lava spraying from the top of the coins. In 1837, W.J. And Hamilton. The first Turkish to climb the mountain was Miralay Cemil Cahit Bey in 1924.
If Ercan as well as being a climbing center is an important winter tourism center of Turkey. You can also enjoy the magnificent view of Cappadocia from the Taurus Mountains if the weather is clear.
Height 3916 m.
Its location rises just south of Kayseri in Central Anatolia.
Climbing Time The best time for summer climbing is from May to October.
Characteristics An extinct young volcano mountain is the highest peak of Central Anatolia. 700 m north of the mountain. There is a mountain glacier in length. 2100-2900 m on the east face. Located at an altitude of Tekir plateau is a winter sports center. After the chairlift, the camp site is about 2.5-3 hours by foot in winter. Climbing usually takes an hour from the shepherd´s lair to the break stone. The break stone is in the mouth of the Devil Creek. From here, the small peak takes about 2-3 hours. Winter months There may be avalanche danger in the Devil Creek. In the spring, due to falling stones (May, June), helmets are required. Tour skiing with enjoyable climbing can be done.
Transportation and Accommodation You can reach Kayseri by bus, train or plane from Ankara and Istanbul. There is a chalet with 100 beds and telephone in Tekir Plateau. There are various accommodation and restaurant facilities in Kayseri. A new and modern hotel with 100 beds of private administration has been opened in Tekir Plateau.
Materials Crampons, Rope, Pickaxe, Helmet, Various Safety Equipments (Coins, Ice Auger, etc.), Camping Equipment Climbing from Tekir Plateau The most confident climb. 25 km from Kayseri. away from the mountain house Hisarcik. Ascent and descent from the chalet to the main peak takes 8-10 hours. Climbing from the Northwest: Erciyes is a bit of a difficult but enjoyable climb. You can go to Hacilar by bus or car from Kayseri. From here, the Akın dormitory is crossed and a camping is established in Sütdonduran plateau (2850 m.).

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